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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The past week

My husby had knee surgery this week so it's been a bit hectic at home. 
You know ... taking care of a 3 yr old & a 5 month old.
And two dogs and a cat.
And the new puppy.
And a husby who's bed ridden from surgery for another few days.
(Conveniently planned during the Tour de France by the way).
Whilst planning the Melbourne French Festival!!

WHICH by the way - there will be a FRENCH BULLDOG contest at - most French looking Frenchie
judged by 3 French celebrity chef's !  
Stay tuned for more info or visit

Well a couple weeks ago I bought a new bed for my son. It's his first single bed and he's really excited he can have a big boy bed. I got it at Early Settler - which also sold these dog beds. I couldn't resist and bought the KING size version for Molly and Marius. It sits in our kitchen where Marius sleeps at night, and Molly is suppose to sleep with Polar bear. But since we got this awesome new bed, she's been begging us to sleep in there too. Truth is, (Marius later informed us) that she misses Marius and wants to snuggle up to him through the nights again. She would wait till we were asleep and then sneak in there with Marius ! It's okay guys - they're married. 
 Sorry polar bear - you're on your own now. 

Don't you love Marius's ELVIS winter jacket?

Marius ALWAYS needs a pillow to rest his head on when he sleeps. 

FAVE pic. He's like "ahh ... wake me and I'll bite you. Back off human, the pillows mine"

We call this the "frog leg" position. Make yourself at home Marius. 

Check out the butt on that

Sorry this is so dark. He actually fell asleep like this

And a front shot, of him sleeping. Can you tell who our favourite is?

Today at the VET. How cute is this thing!! A mix of YODA & Stitch (from Lilo & Stitch)

Polar bear finally jumped out of her clam shell today and joined the big doggies & Madden for a play

Polar bear showing Marius who's boss !

Cuddles Marius. Cuddles.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Animals & Children

I was talking to Polar Bear's new mummy to be today about the trust between our dogs and our kids.

Maybe I'm wrong - but I trust Molly & Marius with our kids lives. They are the most genuinely sincere loving and gently doggies that I have ever seen or been around. I often find myself asking one of the dogs to "keep an eye out for Lola (our 4mth old) if I l go out of the room to have a shower or whatever other reason I leave the room ... I smile at myself when I realise I'm actually talking to a dog. 

But that' s how my husband and I actually feel. We love the relationship our dogs have with our kids and in our lives. They are as much a part of our family, as anyone else. 

A whopping 1.8 kg at todays weigh in.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Firsts & Lasts

Well my little polar bear - your days with us are now numbered. 

Two wonderful people came by to look at you today and they fell in love with you just the same way we fell in love with your mummy and daddy. 
We still get 6 more fun weeks with you watching you grow and play and have fun with our Madden & Lola. 

Today you acted like a real puppy for the first time. This sounds silly since you actually are a puppy. But what I mean is that you now have little tiny shark teeth that you tried to scare us with. You pulled the blanket into your mouth and tugged at it, then tried to run off with it. 
Today was also your very first doggy food. You must take after your papa because Marius LOVES food more than anything. More than air. You also, gobbled your watered down, soggy, puppy food.

Can't wait for you to show me more tricks tomorow and to get woken up to Molly cuddling in bed with me in the morning.

Good Night my wonderful Frenchies. We love you.
What a great experience it has been watching you be born and grow up.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Boof Woof

I've been a bit frustrated this week as so much has happened with Polar Bear but I havent' been able to document it as my internet is playing up. I'm using my husbands laptop.

Well let's back-track to last Saturday night where PB sat for the first time. I was so proud of her.
She's also walked across our lounge for the first time.
She's barked for the first time.
(Well, it sounded more like a strained meow but I know it was meant to be a bark and I'll accept it).
I love this pic below as its just one of those tender moments.
I relate to these moments between PB & Molly, as our little girl is only four months old and is still feeding.

This shot (above) was taken for a publicity photo for my PR firm for my company. We're trying to get Molly & Marius featured in something (still a secret). Will let you know more as it progresses.

Polar Bear is a staggering 1.4kg currently

Sitting, with her rolls of chub. LOVE it

Soo cute. She's just adorable. She's just about old enough now to start cuddling us.
She's responsive when we talk to her and cuddle her. She moves towards our voices and bodies.
She LOVES a scratch on her belly.

In the next week, I'll have to introduce her on solid foods.
She's growing so quickly.