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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


December 28 2011

After lunch today our Molly gave birth to two chubby male puppies. One is black with a white patch on his nose, and the other is white with a black sock.

Do you think three dogs is too much? Already I wouldn't mind keeping the little black one  ....

I must mention that over the past few weeks I have been absolutely blessed by the guidance and suport of our vet clinic. The most wonderful Veterinary Clinic that has ever existed, and I am certainly proud to plug them and sincerely recommend to anyone who has a pet (and especially the French bulldog breed) that if you aren't really absolutely WOW'ed by your vet, then come to ours because they are incredible. I found them by absolute chance last year when we moved to the Camberwell area and only wish that our doctors clinic was of the same high quality, caring and nurturing standard as every vet at this clinic.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011

Frenchie Spotting

This beautiful old girl was 11 years old. She was waiting for her owner outside the supermarket in Camberwell. I just loved her from the moment I saw her. She reminded me of my Lola bug (now 8 months) because this Frenchie was so chubby and roly poly just like Lola's thunder thighs.

I'd love to see photos of your Frenchies. If anyone would like to post pictures ....

And remember next week we start registering French bulldogs for the 
You get to dress up your Frenchie in something very French. Perhaps a baguette ( a hot dog ! ).
Or a cute beret and stripey red off the shoulder top?

Dog sitting a 3rd Frenchie

SO , in case you don't already know - we pretty much live in a barnyard. At least that's what we call our house. We have two dogs (as you all know) and a cat. Jacques. This is the 3 of them below.
For some reason I thought on top of our two kidlets (3 and 8 months) wouldn't it be SO much fun to dog sit for someone else's dog, too? 

This obviously isn't what I thought at all -  Afterall I have housework, an extremely busy time in preparing my upcoming event, the kids and loads and loads of days of our lives to watch at 2.06pm each day on Channel 9. But I said yes, even though we barely knew them. Because I know how hard it is finding someone you trust to look after your doggies when you're away. We went away 3 times last year. And so here they are ... Remi with Gypsy the dog. This is minutes before leaving her with us for 10 long days. Gypsy was 3 mths old. As soon as he left .... I though ... what the hell am I doing? 
Because, afterall, 3 dogs plus 2 kids under 3, is insanity! 

Above right: Molly & Gypsy canoodling. They were actually asleep like this till I woke them to take the picture.

Another one of them asleep ... ON MADDEN's GUEST BED !!! 
This is NOT your bed, doggies! 

This is a human bed. GET OFF DOGGIES!

Marius hiding, after I tried to move the doggies off the guest bed.

The 3 amigos, having a staring contest with Jacques the cate, immediately outside the screen door.

Snuggling. ON OUR COUCH!! What is it with you guys on our furniture?

Gypsy, fast asleep with her tongue out.

So the verdict on 3 dogs? It was awesome! 
They all got along so well. And beside me having to clean up lots of pee from the puppy over the 10 days - it was loads of fun and our Molly & Marius absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED it! 
We'd do it again in a second! Anyone else want us to dogsit? 

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Hi everyone.

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted and I know you're all wondering how M&M are doing.

They're great! But hey, don't take my word for it ... I'll let Marius tell you himself.

"Woof Woof. I've been doing a bit of modelling lately. This is my latest mid-action shot. We went to the Tan in the city and I got to run with mum. I'm pretty fast. She's so slow and likes to just run in a straight line. It's way more fun zig zagging and running up to people and peeing on trees and smelling other dogs butts. I have noticed though lately mum has been taking Molly out more than me. Does it make me sad? Hmmm yeah sometimes. Just cos Molly is cuter than me, skinnier than me, yeah she's got a good butt, and sure she's more athletic than I am. Alright I know I'm a fat slob but that's okay because when they're not watching I take my baby sister's chew sticks (rusks). No one knows I take them, they think it's the baby but she doesn't even have any teeth yet. They're so gullible. She gets a lot of attention too, although my brother Madden plays a lot with me. He likes to ride on my back and swing the bat at me and throw balls at me. He thinks it's pretty funny. I think it's pretty funny when all the family is in the lounge and I fart really bad. Mum usually blames dad or Madden ... they never realise it's me. Ahhh I love my humans.

Xxx - Marius. Woof.


Woof. Hi guys. It's me, your favourite Frenchie. So life after polar bear has gone back to normal. I get way loads more attention now. Mum likes to take me out running with her cos I'm really good at listening to her. My husband, Marius (typical male) has direction issues and isn't so good at running like I am. I also get to go on a lot of car rides. It's great when our brother Madden isn't in the car cos I get to sit in his booster seat. It's my favourite spot. Sometimes when my sister Lola isn't in the car, I snuggle in her capsule. That's also fun, but I can't see out the window the same.

I've just been chilling with my friend, Jacques (the cat). We're pretty tight now. He's so much fun to chase and jump on and scare. We have a great time and Jacques even plays pretend with me, like when he pretends he's going to eat me and swipes at me. Man, we have so much fun. He's great to snuggle up to though at night.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Two's company ... Three's even better

 Molly and Marius are best friends. 
They do everything together.
Sleep. Eat. Play.

And while they love nothing more than cuddling one another ... they made sure to make Polar Bear feel loved and safe and welcome

Marius was outside, so Molly needed someone to cuddle up to. The cat will do.

Marius and PB bonding

A tender moment

Lola playing with puppy

Ummmm ... guys! This is MY doona. Get off

Poor little polar bear, can't quite get up on the big bed

Daddy - daughter moment

All the family, enjoying a Sunday nap

Hubby tells me I can't have doggies on couch! Unless aparantly if it's Cadel Evans winning the Tour de France, then its okay to have company at night on the couch!!!

Showing puppy her first taste of grass

A history of the bat ears ...

Thought it would be fun to look at Polar Bears ears since birth to full bat ears

Day 1

Week 1

7 days

Ears fully open, but droopy when standing

Bigger ears ... still droopy, mid way up on occasion

Almost there ....

8 weeks - full stick up. That a girl

A beautiful, sunny day

The end is approaching, and while it is ridiculous to own three dogs and a cat, I am a bit sad at the thought of giving up little Polar Bear. She is sooo well behaved and just a delight to be with. I don't remember Molly and Marius being this wonderful. Perhaps it's because we've had her since birth, or perhaps it is because she has been raised by both her parents instead of just one. 
But she truly is a unique little girl. Her new owners will be soooo lucky to have her.

This photo is from the weekend, we took both doggies to a park in Toorak for a run and play.
I usually take one of them with me for kindy pickup, it is their favourite park. 

 Polar Bears first outing in our backyard. With such a beautiful sunny day today, it seemed appropriate to introduce her for a quick 5 mins to the outdoors.

A true action shot of her running towards me, when called.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The past week

My husby had knee surgery this week so it's been a bit hectic at home. 
You know ... taking care of a 3 yr old & a 5 month old.
And two dogs and a cat.
And the new puppy.
And a husby who's bed ridden from surgery for another few days.
(Conveniently planned during the Tour de France by the way).
Whilst planning the Melbourne French Festival!!

WHICH by the way - there will be a FRENCH BULLDOG contest at - most French looking Frenchie
judged by 3 French celebrity chef's !  
Stay tuned for more info or visit

Well a couple weeks ago I bought a new bed for my son. It's his first single bed and he's really excited he can have a big boy bed. I got it at Early Settler - which also sold these dog beds. I couldn't resist and bought the KING size version for Molly and Marius. It sits in our kitchen where Marius sleeps at night, and Molly is suppose to sleep with Polar bear. But since we got this awesome new bed, she's been begging us to sleep in there too. Truth is, (Marius later informed us) that she misses Marius and wants to snuggle up to him through the nights again. She would wait till we were asleep and then sneak in there with Marius ! It's okay guys - they're married. 
 Sorry polar bear - you're on your own now. 

Don't you love Marius's ELVIS winter jacket?

Marius ALWAYS needs a pillow to rest his head on when he sleeps. 

FAVE pic. He's like "ahh ... wake me and I'll bite you. Back off human, the pillows mine"

We call this the "frog leg" position. Make yourself at home Marius. 

Check out the butt on that

Sorry this is so dark. He actually fell asleep like this

And a front shot, of him sleeping. Can you tell who our favourite is?

Today at the VET. How cute is this thing!! A mix of YODA & Stitch (from Lilo & Stitch)

Polar bear finally jumped out of her clam shell today and joined the big doggies & Madden for a play

Polar bear showing Marius who's boss !

Cuddles Marius. Cuddles.