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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Puppy adopted

Thankyou to everyone who has called, emailed and enquired about Monsieur Fatty puppy.

I am really really happy that he has been adopted to an awesome new family who will love him and take good care of this very special guy. The best thing is, they already have a Frenchie who will be able to take in the puppy and become best friends just like Molly & Marius.

Keep reading this blog for weekly adventures of Molly & Marius in 2012.

If you do want advice or have questions in relations to French Bulldogs - you are always welcome to email or call me.

Xx Laura

Monday, February 6, 2012

Ears are standing

YAY !! 
Monsieur Fatty is now 6 weeks and I have a very special bond with this little guy. He is absolutely adorable and I keep trying to think of ways that we could keep him, but 3 dogs is really too much 

(isn't it?)

He is so sweet and gentle. He now runs and plays with his mum and dad. When he hears the front door he runs to it and waits to see who it is. Also he has found a special place to sleep in the lounge, in between where our couch / chaise curves.  He loves snuggling and when I hold him close to my face he licks me. He is definitely more placid than the last puppy M & M had a year ago. 

ABOVE:) Today his ears have started standing about half way up. Soon they will be fully erect. 
It is cute how floppy they still are for the moment though.

BELOW:) Puppy's first interaction outside in our backyard. Molly was showing him around the flowers and laundry.

BELOW:) Monsieur fatty eating for the first t

Marius & Molly in LOVE

Look how beautiful these two are !!

Every morning when hubby leaves for work he lets M & M out to go to the toilet then they come straight into bed with me until I wake up. These photos were a few days ago when I woke up.

Marius is always super gentle with his lady, and ALWAYS grooms her, licks her, cuddles into her. 

A soft kiss.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

French Bulldogs in costume

Well each year I put on a French festival in Melbourne and in November 2011 I invited owners with Frenchies to dress them up a-la-francaise, and enter them in a fun, casual contest. Ended up that the judges took the contest far more serious than they were suppose to but when you have the President of the French bulldog association and the CEO of Canidae dogfood I guess it takes things to a new level.

Here are some photos ....
Mike Larkan doing the Channel 10 weather cross, with Can Can dancers in the background ready to present the French bulldogs

This little sweet boy was my personal favourite

Absolutely loved the oen with the

the First few weeks

A few days ago I went to the Australian Open and came home so tired. I got in my pj's and fell asleep watching the tennis. It was really hot outside, I was already sunburt from a day at the tennis and just wanted to sleep. My hubby thought it was funny to take this photo of Miss Molly getting comfortable ... apparantly she stayed like this for about 10 minutes until I realised something was on my head and I shoo'ed her away.

Check out how cute this little guy is. He is for sale & will be available from March 7. Go to the 'available pup & cost' page for further info on how to buy him. He is now 4 weeks old ... While his eyes are fully open, and he can now hear all sounds, his ears are still developing and have started standing up more now. I can't wait till they go all the way up and he starts looking more like a puppy and less like a fat guinea pig... This is Molly patiently feeding him. See his black bum near Mollys head.

This was Pierre at about 10 days. He was sooo tiny.

The size difference between Pierre & Monsieur Fatty above here, was 1:4 .
THis one below is a good one of Monsieur Fatty

Monsieur fatty at 10 days. His nose and face now have a darker mask ( at 4 weeks ).

Monsieur Fatty at 7 days, getting cleaned by Molly

Molly & the two pups

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


December 28 2011

After lunch today our Molly gave birth to two chubby male puppies. One is black with a white patch on his nose, and the other is white with a black sock.

Do you think three dogs is too much? Already I wouldn't mind keeping the little black one  ....

I must mention that over the past few weeks I have been absolutely blessed by the guidance and suport of our vet clinic. The most wonderful Veterinary Clinic that has ever existed, and I am certainly proud to plug them and sincerely recommend to anyone who has a pet (and especially the French bulldog breed) that if you aren't really absolutely WOW'ed by your vet, then come to ours because they are incredible. I found them by absolute chance last year when we moved to the Camberwell area and only wish that our doctors clinic was of the same high quality, caring and nurturing standard as every vet at this clinic.

Thursday, December 15, 2011