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Monday, June 27, 2011

Our first walk across the lounge

Today was a good day.

Polar Bear showed us that she can pee like a big doggie. Right on our floorboards. Good dog.

She walked across 1/4 of our lounge today. This has got to be one of the cutest things in the world. I took a video of it and will try to post it when I figure out how to.

She's sitting pretty well, all by herself now too. Her tiny legs are getting stronger.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


How exciting. After returning from the ballet on Saturday night 
(saw the Merry Widow at the Arts Centre)
I came home to find that Polar Bear was sitting like a normal dog.
She's SOO FAT.

Polar Bear's ears will start standing up a bit more soon. She's making little puppy noises and her facial features are becoming more pronounced. You can't see in these photos but her face is a light fawn colour & becoming so more and more each day.

Check out this great photo I found of Molly & Marius at our sons birthday party.

We've since got them different collars. 
Marius has a manly blue collar and Molly sports a pretty pink one.

I'd love to stay & chat but the smell of lamb roast teases me and I need to go cuddle up to my little Polar Bear. 

Bonne Nuit to anyone out there. I love hearing your comments and feedback. Thanks for your support

Friday, June 24, 2011

Playtime & Naptime

I've taken sooo many photos of polar bear and the doggies. 
I've taken heaps of Madden (ratbag) & Lola (ladbug). 
My favourite photos are the ones of them all together.

I'd been sick all week. The hubby took this of Molly & I asleep in bed.

Today. Playtime obviously got a bit boring for M&M who fell asleep.

I like this one because its one of the few photos you can actually see Molly's eyes.

Today - the kids playing with the doggies while I cooked dinner.

This has got to be a favourite. Besides Marius's new superhero winter jacket, I love Ratbags (Madden) giggling face as he has cleverly placed a doggie treat on ladbugs (Lola) head for Marius to gobble up.
Her expression towards him is priceless....

Revenge is sweet ...

Okay so the thing is, most of you watch it but will deny it.
Most of you actually like it. But will deny it.
"It's just on, because our kids like it" - You say.
Yeah Right!


So yesterday my hubby decided to take our toothpaste with him to work.
When I realised ... it was too late. I had to use little ratbag's (our 3yr old son) glittery Dora the explorer toothpaste & I had a meeting on that morning.

There is a relevance to this. Stay with me.
The point is I got back at him because last night, I made him go to the MILEY CYRUS concert with me.
I'm 28. He's 31. 

I was pretty proud of myself. He about died of shame. When we got home I was ready to crawl into bed when this sight greeted me on our bed.

Jacques (our cat), with Polar bear and Molly.

Apparantly there was a party in our bed and we weren't invited. This was the first time I saw Jacques interacting with Polar Bear. But seriously GET OFF OUR BED, ALL OF YOU. 

Last of all here's today weigh in. 
Polar Bear is a whopping 1.1kg

Monday, June 20, 2011

Bonne Nuit

I am probably blogging too much about my gorgeous doggies, but see for yourself how cute this pics from last night are. I've noticed that little polar bear isn't actually white. 
When she's an adult she'll most likely be fawn. Her entire coat has changed in a few days.

These guys  are such an important part of our family, and the new way in which Molly especially is interacting with our newborn is still so amazing. 

I am so blessed to be a part of this experience and for our 3 yr old to see a puppy from birth and also be a part of the journey seeing it grow and develop.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

An old dog, new tricks

Seriously though, we do have the SMARTEST French bulldogs ever. I think they're mirror images of each other in all they do. But see for yourself

Okay I may be somewhat biased. But our Marius is the Coolest
(Yes, I did mean to capitalise Coolest, to all the English majors out there).

Andrew & I have taught him several new tricks this week.
He just gets it.
Within minutes.
He's the best.

We're teaching him to turn. We're teaching him to let go of his favourite toy (this may never actually catch on though) and tonight we've taught him to stand.

Okay but I know that what you actually want is an update about our little polar bear. So here she is sleeping tonight...

Although her coat is white with a big brindle patch on her bum, I think her face will be masked fawn. Her nose, eyes and mouth are starting to develop pigmentation and are turning black. This is to protect those delicate areas on her face.  Her coat will keep changing until she's about 12-18 months, but the first few months are the most obvious. Her eyes are now fully open and her ears are almost open too. Someone described her developing ears like a blooming rose today, and its true. Imagine a rose bud slowly opening up and becoming chubby and detailed. That's just like her ears. They were sealed shut at birth and are now blooming. Can't wait to see her face in a few more weeks to see what colour it will become.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The importance of a GOOD VET & Local Pet Store

Today I write with the most heartfelt gratitude. Since recently moving to the area we weren't sure where to go to take our beloved doggies and cat. We just happened to stumble on the most amazing VET clinic that ever has existed. These are the types of people you would trust entirely with your children. I wish they could be human doctors and take care of our family's health in fact. The entire team from the receptionists to the VETS are heaven sent, honest, loving, patient, always willing to listen and offer advice, are not judgemental, and are absolute experts in their fields.  THANKYOU so much for all the support you've given our family. They go above and beyond each and every visit and in between visits. I imagine that perhaps this is what service used to be like in the golden days before technology and machines took over.

I write after returning from both a lunch visit at our VET to check on Molly and pup's health, and a quick stop in at our local " MY PET WAREHOUSE ". The manager and one of her staff there are also brilliant. There is a shop mascot called BEAR and although I keep forgetting BEAR's breed, he's huge, hairy and a total softie.  BEAR is only 6 months old but massive! With droopy puppy dog eyes and warm soft fur to cuddle up to, he's awesome. Again, what great customer service and attention to YOUR needs this place offers.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 9

Well little pup is now 9 days old and her eyes have started opening - a tiny wee bit. It's really an amazing experience that we actually get to be a part of all of this. What a little miracle. Her ears also are starting to open up. For those that don't know - a pup is blind and deaf for the first couple weeks of its life. It continues to grow and develop outside its mothers womb at a very rapid rate.

S'il vous plait ... May I have some quince paste with some of that French brie ? Woof Woof

I found some more photos of Marius ... hope you like ...

Mmmm C'est bon ..... mummy's veggie garden is so delicious ... 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Molly's Maternal Instincts

 It's day 4 since pup. Molly continues to WOW us. She has developed a maternal nature over Lola.
When I take Lola out of the room, Molly follows, makes sure Lola is okay then runs back to her pup. When Lola is in the room, she'll leave her own pup for a few minutes and go to check on Lola to lick her face. If Lola is up high out of view (in her cot, on our bed...) Molly will jump up to see Lola. It's SO bizarre, but really cool.

Pup won't be able to see or hear for about the first 2 weeks of her life. She's gained 70 grams since birth.
Her ears are sealed shut but each day I notice little changes in them. She has a huge Frenchie mouth.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blown away by the love of a Frenchie

I am truly in awe this morning. It's day 2 since we've had Molly and her new pup. Which makes me realise I need to fill you in on the birth process. On Monday Molly showed all the signs that she was ready to whelp in the very close future. Nesting. Scratching. Extreme affection and attention. Lethargy. Body temperature drop. and discharge from her vulva. 

By 9pm she had started panting and panting and panting and very soon after, started pushing. A quick hour passed when we made the executive decision to take her to the VET for a caesarian or to at least monitor the birthing process in a safe environment.  Several hours later, we had a beautiful CHUBBY little pup born by C-Section. Because she is the only puppy, she has absorbed enough food for an entire litter and therfore she is HUGE. The amazing thing is that she is the most concise concoction of her parents. Marius is white with a big crooked black patch on his bum. Molly is brindle. The pup (female) is white with a brindle crooked patch on her bum.

                                                          Here is her first photo ever taken...

Yesterday was our first day at home. Molly is the most attentive, considerate mum to her new pup which is inspiring. I hoped she would be, and I am truly glad. We put pup and Molly in a clam shell sandpit box filled with warm wheat bags and blankets, in our baby girl Lola's room. Lola is now in our room. Several times throughout the day Molly would come to find me, whimper a bit then would take several steps and look back at me. I realised she wanted me to go and stay in the room with her. It was amazing the way she tried to communicate . 

Eventually I took the clam shell and placed it in our lounge room so she could be with us. 

The first weigh in - a massive 300 grams.
Like Father, Like Daughter. The distinctive bum patch. How cute is that foot too ...
Our son with Molly & pup feeding
A proud Papa

What I hadn't expected was Molly's continued absolute adoration for us - her human family.  I had  wanted to sleep on couch in the lounge to be with Molly and pup (for the first little while at least). Several times throughout the night Molly licked my face to wake me so I could take her to the toilet. This morning I woke up with Molly in bed with me (well, on the couch with me) and under the blanket. I took her back into the clamshell to be with her pup. I was showing Molly she needed to be with her pup. After several attempts at Molly climbing on the couch and me taking her back to pup, Molly gently scooped up pup in her teeth and started heading towards me as if to say, "Okay I realise you want me to be with my baby, so this time I'll bring baby with me on the couch with you. Satisfied?" It was really awesome. Even more amazing was when I met her half way and she actually dropped pup into my hands so I could carry her pup...