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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


December 28 2011

After lunch today our Molly gave birth to two chubby male puppies. One is black with a white patch on his nose, and the other is white with a black sock.

Do you think three dogs is too much? Already I wouldn't mind keeping the little black one  ....

I must mention that over the past few weeks I have been absolutely blessed by the guidance and suport of our vet clinic. The most wonderful Veterinary Clinic that has ever existed, and I am certainly proud to plug them and sincerely recommend to anyone who has a pet (and especially the French bulldog breed) that if you aren't really absolutely WOW'ed by your vet, then come to ours because they are incredible. I found them by absolute chance last year when we moved to the Camberwell area and only wish that our doctors clinic was of the same high quality, caring and nurturing standard as every vet at this clinic.

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