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Monday, February 6, 2012

Ears are standing

YAY !! 
Monsieur Fatty is now 6 weeks and I have a very special bond with this little guy. He is absolutely adorable and I keep trying to think of ways that we could keep him, but 3 dogs is really too much 

(isn't it?)

He is so sweet and gentle. He now runs and plays with his mum and dad. When he hears the front door he runs to it and waits to see who it is. Also he has found a special place to sleep in the lounge, in between where our couch / chaise curves.  He loves snuggling and when I hold him close to my face he licks me. He is definitely more placid than the last puppy M & M had a year ago. 

ABOVE:) Today his ears have started standing about half way up. Soon they will be fully erect. 
It is cute how floppy they still are for the moment though.

BELOW:) Puppy's first interaction outside in our backyard. Molly was showing him around the flowers and laundry.

BELOW:) Monsieur fatty eating for the first t

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agtinning said...

Tasi is always ready to play she will charge around room to room full speed we hear her knocking her self about under the bed against the walls. She just loves the dog park with the British bulldog she won't give him any peace. She looks so much like Marius but when she wants something she pulls a sweet Molly face .Cheers Anthony & Elena .