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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A beautiful, sunny day

The end is approaching, and while it is ridiculous to own three dogs and a cat, I am a bit sad at the thought of giving up little Polar Bear. She is sooo well behaved and just a delight to be with. I don't remember Molly and Marius being this wonderful. Perhaps it's because we've had her since birth, or perhaps it is because she has been raised by both her parents instead of just one. 
But she truly is a unique little girl. Her new owners will be soooo lucky to have her.

This photo is from the weekend, we took both doggies to a park in Toorak for a run and play.
I usually take one of them with me for kindy pickup, it is their favourite park. 

 Polar Bears first outing in our backyard. With such a beautiful sunny day today, it seemed appropriate to introduce her for a quick 5 mins to the outdoors.

A true action shot of her running towards me, when called.

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