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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Two's company ... Three's even better

 Molly and Marius are best friends. 
They do everything together.
Sleep. Eat. Play.

And while they love nothing more than cuddling one another ... they made sure to make Polar Bear feel loved and safe and welcome

Marius was outside, so Molly needed someone to cuddle up to. The cat will do.

Marius and PB bonding

A tender moment

Lola playing with puppy

Ummmm ... guys! This is MY doona. Get off

Poor little polar bear, can't quite get up on the big bed

Daddy - daughter moment

All the family, enjoying a Sunday nap

Hubby tells me I can't have doggies on couch! Unless aparantly if it's Cadel Evans winning the Tour de France, then its okay to have company at night on the couch!!!

Showing puppy her first taste of grass


craft is not... said...

my little frenchie has a very similar patch on his but so cute

agtinning said... Where TASI got her name from ,Elena .