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Friday, October 7, 2011

Dog sitting a 3rd Frenchie

SO , in case you don't already know - we pretty much live in a barnyard. At least that's what we call our house. We have two dogs (as you all know) and a cat. Jacques. This is the 3 of them below.
For some reason I thought on top of our two kidlets (3 and 8 months) wouldn't it be SO much fun to dog sit for someone else's dog, too? 

This obviously isn't what I thought at all -  Afterall I have housework, an extremely busy time in preparing my upcoming event, the kids and loads and loads of days of our lives to watch at 2.06pm each day on Channel 9. But I said yes, even though we barely knew them. Because I know how hard it is finding someone you trust to look after your doggies when you're away. We went away 3 times last year. And so here they are ... Remi with Gypsy the dog. This is minutes before leaving her with us for 10 long days. Gypsy was 3 mths old. As soon as he left .... I though ... what the hell am I doing? 
Because, afterall, 3 dogs plus 2 kids under 3, is insanity! 

Above right: Molly & Gypsy canoodling. They were actually asleep like this till I woke them to take the picture.

Another one of them asleep ... ON MADDEN's GUEST BED !!! 
This is NOT your bed, doggies! 

This is a human bed. GET OFF DOGGIES!

Marius hiding, after I tried to move the doggies off the guest bed.

The 3 amigos, having a staring contest with Jacques the cate, immediately outside the screen door.

Snuggling. ON OUR COUCH!! What is it with you guys on our furniture?

Gypsy, fast asleep with her tongue out.

So the verdict on 3 dogs? It was awesome! 
They all got along so well. And beside me having to clean up lots of pee from the puppy over the 10 days - it was loads of fun and our Molly & Marius absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED it! 
We'd do it again in a second! Anyone else want us to dogsit? 

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