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Thursday, September 1, 2011


Hi everyone.

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted and I know you're all wondering how M&M are doing.

They're great! But hey, don't take my word for it ... I'll let Marius tell you himself.

"Woof Woof. I've been doing a bit of modelling lately. This is my latest mid-action shot. We went to the Tan in the city and I got to run with mum. I'm pretty fast. She's so slow and likes to just run in a straight line. It's way more fun zig zagging and running up to people and peeing on trees and smelling other dogs butts. I have noticed though lately mum has been taking Molly out more than me. Does it make me sad? Hmmm yeah sometimes. Just cos Molly is cuter than me, skinnier than me, yeah she's got a good butt, and sure she's more athletic than I am. Alright I know I'm a fat slob but that's okay because when they're not watching I take my baby sister's chew sticks (rusks). No one knows I take them, they think it's the baby but she doesn't even have any teeth yet. They're so gullible. She gets a lot of attention too, although my brother Madden plays a lot with me. He likes to ride on my back and swing the bat at me and throw balls at me. He thinks it's pretty funny. I think it's pretty funny when all the family is in the lounge and I fart really bad. Mum usually blames dad or Madden ... they never realise it's me. Ahhh I love my humans.

Xxx - Marius. Woof.


Woof. Hi guys. It's me, your favourite Frenchie. So life after polar bear has gone back to normal. I get way loads more attention now. Mum likes to take me out running with her cos I'm really good at listening to her. My husband, Marius (typical male) has direction issues and isn't so good at running like I am. I also get to go on a lot of car rides. It's great when our brother Madden isn't in the car cos I get to sit in his booster seat. It's my favourite spot. Sometimes when my sister Lola isn't in the car, I snuggle in her capsule. That's also fun, but I can't see out the window the same.

I've just been chilling with my friend, Jacques (the cat). We're pretty tight now. He's so much fun to chase and jump on and scare. We have a great time and Jacques even plays pretend with me, like when he pretends he's going to eat me and swipes at me. Man, we have so much fun. He's great to snuggle up to though at night.

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agtinning said...

Laura Tasi is doing so well ,she is almost 5 kg she has finished her first puppy training and now sits stays and comes when called .If the weather was a bit warmer she would be fully house trained .As I'm writing this she has her head on her green and yellow toy using it as a pillow 1/2 meter from the heating vent .I will get Elena to send you some photos its hard to get a good one as she is so active and she has been having a great time at the dog park with my brothers bulldog , she wont give him a moments peace. Anthony .