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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blown away by the love of a Frenchie

I am truly in awe this morning. It's day 2 since we've had Molly and her new pup. Which makes me realise I need to fill you in on the birth process. On Monday Molly showed all the signs that she was ready to whelp in the very close future. Nesting. Scratching. Extreme affection and attention. Lethargy. Body temperature drop. and discharge from her vulva. 

By 9pm she had started panting and panting and panting and very soon after, started pushing. A quick hour passed when we made the executive decision to take her to the VET for a caesarian or to at least monitor the birthing process in a safe environment.  Several hours later, we had a beautiful CHUBBY little pup born by C-Section. Because she is the only puppy, she has absorbed enough food for an entire litter and therfore she is HUGE. The amazing thing is that she is the most concise concoction of her parents. Marius is white with a big crooked black patch on his bum. Molly is brindle. The pup (female) is white with a brindle crooked patch on her bum.

                                                          Here is her first photo ever taken...

Yesterday was our first day at home. Molly is the most attentive, considerate mum to her new pup which is inspiring. I hoped she would be, and I am truly glad. We put pup and Molly in a clam shell sandpit box filled with warm wheat bags and blankets, in our baby girl Lola's room. Lola is now in our room. Several times throughout the day Molly would come to find me, whimper a bit then would take several steps and look back at me. I realised she wanted me to go and stay in the room with her. It was amazing the way she tried to communicate . 

Eventually I took the clam shell and placed it in our lounge room so she could be with us. 

The first weigh in - a massive 300 grams.
Like Father, Like Daughter. The distinctive bum patch. How cute is that foot too ...
Our son with Molly & pup feeding
A proud Papa

What I hadn't expected was Molly's continued absolute adoration for us - her human family.  I had  wanted to sleep on couch in the lounge to be with Molly and pup (for the first little while at least). Several times throughout the night Molly licked my face to wake me so I could take her to the toilet. This morning I woke up with Molly in bed with me (well, on the couch with me) and under the blanket. I took her back into the clamshell to be with her pup. I was showing Molly she needed to be with her pup. After several attempts at Molly climbing on the couch and me taking her back to pup, Molly gently scooped up pup in her teeth and started heading towards me as if to say, "Okay I realise you want me to be with my baby, so this time I'll bring baby with me on the couch with you. Satisfied?" It was really awesome. Even more amazing was when I met her half way and she actually dropped pup into my hands so I could carry her pup... 

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