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Friday, June 24, 2011

Revenge is sweet ...

Okay so the thing is, most of you watch it but will deny it.
Most of you actually like it. But will deny it.
"It's just on, because our kids like it" - You say.
Yeah Right!


So yesterday my hubby decided to take our toothpaste with him to work.
When I realised ... it was too late. I had to use little ratbag's (our 3yr old son) glittery Dora the explorer toothpaste & I had a meeting on that morning.

There is a relevance to this. Stay with me.
The point is I got back at him because last night, I made him go to the MILEY CYRUS concert with me.
I'm 28. He's 31. 

I was pretty proud of myself. He about died of shame. When we got home I was ready to crawl into bed when this sight greeted me on our bed.

Jacques (our cat), with Polar bear and Molly.

Apparantly there was a party in our bed and we weren't invited. This was the first time I saw Jacques interacting with Polar Bear. But seriously GET OFF OUR BED, ALL OF YOU. 

Last of all here's today weigh in. 
Polar Bear is a whopping 1.1kg

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