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Friday, June 24, 2011

Playtime & Naptime

I've taken sooo many photos of polar bear and the doggies. 
I've taken heaps of Madden (ratbag) & Lola (ladbug). 
My favourite photos are the ones of them all together.

I'd been sick all week. The hubby took this of Molly & I asleep in bed.

Today. Playtime obviously got a bit boring for M&M who fell asleep.

I like this one because its one of the few photos you can actually see Molly's eyes.

Today - the kids playing with the doggies while I cooked dinner.

This has got to be a favourite. Besides Marius's new superhero winter jacket, I love Ratbags (Madden) giggling face as he has cleverly placed a doggie treat on ladbugs (Lola) head for Marius to gobble up.
Her expression towards him is priceless....

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