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Sunday, June 26, 2011


How exciting. After returning from the ballet on Saturday night 
(saw the Merry Widow at the Arts Centre)
I came home to find that Polar Bear was sitting like a normal dog.
She's SOO FAT.

Polar Bear's ears will start standing up a bit more soon. She's making little puppy noises and her facial features are becoming more pronounced. You can't see in these photos but her face is a light fawn colour & becoming so more and more each day.

Check out this great photo I found of Molly & Marius at our sons birthday party.

We've since got them different collars. 
Marius has a manly blue collar and Molly sports a pretty pink one.

I'd love to stay & chat but the smell of lamb roast teases me and I need to go cuddle up to my little Polar Bear. 

Bonne Nuit to anyone out there. I love hearing your comments and feedback. Thanks for your support

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