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Sunday, June 19, 2011

An old dog, new tricks

Seriously though, we do have the SMARTEST French bulldogs ever. I think they're mirror images of each other in all they do. But see for yourself

Okay I may be somewhat biased. But our Marius is the Coolest
(Yes, I did mean to capitalise Coolest, to all the English majors out there).

Andrew & I have taught him several new tricks this week.
He just gets it.
Within minutes.
He's the best.

We're teaching him to turn. We're teaching him to let go of his favourite toy (this may never actually catch on though) and tonight we've taught him to stand.

Okay but I know that what you actually want is an update about our little polar bear. So here she is sleeping tonight...

Although her coat is white with a big brindle patch on her bum, I think her face will be masked fawn. Her nose, eyes and mouth are starting to develop pigmentation and are turning black. This is to protect those delicate areas on her face.  Her coat will keep changing until she's about 12-18 months, but the first few months are the most obvious. Her eyes are now fully open and her ears are almost open too. Someone described her developing ears like a blooming rose today, and its true. Imagine a rose bud slowly opening up and becoming chubby and detailed. That's just like her ears. They were sealed shut at birth and are now blooming. Can't wait to see her face in a few more weeks to see what colour it will become.

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