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Friday, June 17, 2011

The importance of a GOOD VET & Local Pet Store

Today I write with the most heartfelt gratitude. Since recently moving to the area we weren't sure where to go to take our beloved doggies and cat. We just happened to stumble on the most amazing VET clinic that ever has existed. These are the types of people you would trust entirely with your children. I wish they could be human doctors and take care of our family's health in fact. The entire team from the receptionists to the VETS are heaven sent, honest, loving, patient, always willing to listen and offer advice, are not judgemental, and are absolute experts in their fields.  THANKYOU so much for all the support you've given our family. They go above and beyond each and every visit and in between visits. I imagine that perhaps this is what service used to be like in the golden days before technology and machines took over.

I write after returning from both a lunch visit at our VET to check on Molly and pup's health, and a quick stop in at our local " MY PET WAREHOUSE ". The manager and one of her staff there are also brilliant. There is a shop mascot called BEAR and although I keep forgetting BEAR's breed, he's huge, hairy and a total softie.  BEAR is only 6 months old but massive! With droopy puppy dog eyes and warm soft fur to cuddle up to, he's awesome. Again, what great customer service and attention to YOUR needs this place offers.

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